Spotted Dog Bakery: April 2019 HIPS4NYMERIA Campaign

Nymeria Needs New Hips


For the Month of April 2019, we're working with a Nymeria's Family to help them raise the funds needed to support her through a double hip replacement. Please consider using the code HIPS4NYMERIA during checkout, and we'll donate 10% of your purchase price to her medical care. In addition, Spotted Dog Bakery will match all donations at the end of the month, so your money goes twice as far!

Read more about Nymeria below...

The beginning of Nymeria's life is a bit of a mystery. She was found on the streets of Cypress, TX weighing less than 40lbs. She was extremely underweight, starving, constantly sick with diarrhea, and exhibited difficulty walking due to poor muscle development. . . all at only about 1.5 years of age. The couple that found her spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with Nymeria and did everything they could to combat her issues, which their own vets believed were derived from starvation and muscle atrophy. Nymeria was eventually diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and taken in by another foster parent. Dogs with EPI need a lot of extra care and consideration. Nymeria requires all food to be incubated with enzymes before consumption, B12 injections once a week, omeprazole to manage her reflux, probiotics once a day, and eats 2-3x the amount of a "normal" dog her size just to maintain a healthy weight. Her foster mom took care of Nymeria for over a year. The vets assured her that Nymeria's hips and legs would become stronger as she gained weight and strengthened her body. Her foster mom took great care of her, working on all of the behavioral issues that come with rescuing a starving dog off of the streets - food aggression, dog aggression, anxiety, and all the training. She invested her time and money to ensure Nymeria would one day be able to find her forever home.

On November 10, 2018, Nymeria was officially listed for adoption. That day, Katie fell in love. She reached out to learn more about what managing EPI would look like. She decided that was too much for her and Marshall to take on, especially for a dog located 425 miles away. For the next month, Katie checked Nymeria's profile on PetFinder every single day. She hoped Nymeria would find a good home and be adopted soon. A couple times, her posting was updated, stating Nymeria was meeting with potential adopters, but no one ever took her home. When Katie and Marshall adopted their current dog, she already had the name Arya, a reference to their favorite TV show, Game of Thrones. Adopting Arya felt like fate. In the show, the character Arya has a pet named Nymeria. Once again, it felt like fate. On December 12th, they decided to put in a formal application. If it truly was fate, then it would work out. If not, then that was okay, too. There were 2 adopters ahead of them, but on December 21st they received the call saying their application was approved! December 30th, Marshall, Katie, and Arya made the 7.5 hour drive to Blacksburg, VA to meet Nymeria. The next day, Nymeria greeted them by asking for belly rubs. The moment they saw her, they knew she was coming home with them. The signed the paperwork, paid the adoption fee, and drove all the way back home to Nashville, TN with two pups in tow. 

The trip back home was difficult. Due to the holidays, Nymeria's latest shipment of enzymes had been delayed. This meant that for the last few days, even though she had been receiving meals, she was unable to digest them and essentially starving. Marshall started the drive back to Nashville while Katie sat in the back with Nymeria. She made a desperate post in an EPI Facebook support group asking if anyone knew where they could find an emergency supply of enzymes for Nymeria, as it was going to be another few days before the current shipment was rerouted to their home. Less than one minute after Katie made the post, a woman said she had some spare enzymes and was located in Christiansburg, VA. Katie asked Marshall if he knew where Christiansburg was located. It was the next exit. They couldn't believe it. What were the odds? They took this as a sign that truly was fate for them to adopt Nymeria. And so, her new life began. The next month was trying, but rewarding. Rescuing any dog comes with difficulties. Rescuing a husky mix with special needs when you have another dog in the home takes it to a whole new level. Katie and Marshall immediately noticed that Nymeria was clumsy, Her hind legs were extremely skinny. She chased her tail almost every evening. She had trouble with the stairs and had a funny hop when she ran. They thought this could all be attributed with her EPI. After a month of loving her, they took her to the vet to inquire about the tail chasing, as it was progressively getting worse and Nymeria began howling with pain/discomfort. It was on that visit that Nymeria was diagnosed with severe bilateral dysplasia with secondary osteoarthritis. Katie and Marshall were devastated. The price to fix her was more than they could pay. And yet, with your help, they are able to help her. They cannot say thank you enough for your contribution.

Photos:Kristen Frassca