About Us

 Founder Jen Mello seated on bench with her three dachshunds begging for treats


From our kitchen to your celebration...

 We believe there are good dogs everywhere. We want to help you celebrate them. 
We bake for our pups just like you would for your family. Our cakes are made with wholesome unfussy ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your furry friend. The cakes are oven baked, soft cakes that are coated in a dog friendly "frosting" that dries hard that helps keep everything moist and sturdy. 
Our cake frosting is yogurt based*  and we use all natural coloring in every design so we can truly say we feel good about the ingredients we use, and you should too. Only the best for your best friend! See Our Pantry for more info about ingredients and nutritional info. 
You can read more about our story in our Meet the Maker interview with The Dapple.
We love dogs.
Everything we do comes down to this. We seriously love everything about dogs and can’t imagine a world without them. This means we heartily support celebrating them in every way possible, and making sure they stay happy and healthy.
Family first.
Our dogs are part of our family, and we take family very seriously. Each day the actions we take and words that are spoken are done to strengthen the bonds of family. We will do our absolute best to take care of you and yours. 
Give back.
We want to help you support your goals. When possible, we participate in fundraisers and charities. Whether that is through donated product, or custom designed products with philanthropy in mind, we're open to helping you with your efforts to raise money when it is within our means to do so. Each community is different and has different needs, so we find this is the best way to give back and make a difference. This means every purchase you make allows us do more for those who need our help!

*dairy may not be suitable for puppies under 6 months old.