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Extending the Freshness of your Cake

All of our cake items are perishable, and come with a "feed or freeze by" date. Until this date, they are stable at room temperature and require no refrigeration. If you're planning ahead, or your cake arrives early, here's what you can do:

First, open the white bakery box and remove any of the green packing fluff. You can then close the box, and wrap the entire box in plastic (or beeswax!) wrap. 

1) Refrigerate your cake to extend the freshness date up to 3 days. No other special steps required! Just slice and feed whenever you're ready. 

2) Freeze the wrapped cake box for up to one month. When you're ready to feed it to your pup, remove it to the refrigerator the night before and allow it to slowly defrost. Cakes that defrost too quickly may crack, and some fading of color is possible the longer the cake remains in the freezer. Everything will still be tasty though!