COVID-19 Policies + Shipping Information

In light of COVID-19, we feel the need to be fully transparent about our shipping policies and practices. We hope it will help you, our Dear Customer, know what to expect, and feel confident when you order from us. 

COVID-19 is affecting shipping times worldwide.
Below you'll find what we are doing about it, and how you can help ensure your package arrives in a timeframe that works for you.

Freshness + Shipping Delays:

We always want to make sure you receive the freshest possible product. From baking to eating, our cakes are good for 7 days. Each cake comes in a box, sealed with a sticker that has a "feed or freeze by" date, so no matter the shipping delay, you can be sure about the status of your cake when it arrives. While we cannot guarantee shipping dates in most cases, we are more than happy to replace or refund a cake that has arrived past its "feed or freeze" date. This limited window of freshness has led us to create the following policies. 

Our Shipping Policy:

We are currently allowing 4-5 days transit from our bakery to your home for all orders. We ask you to choose a "desired" delivery date, because we cannot control or predict the patterns of USPS, therefore we cannot guarantee the arrival of your order for a precise date. It's what we are aiming for though! 

Free Shipping:

We are still offering our free shipping service. When you select this option, your package is being shipped via USPS Priority or First Class Package. Package weight determines which service is applied. This option is not date guaranteed, and is currently experiencing delays. Because of this our normal transit time of 2-3 days has been increased to 4-5 days for more predictable deliveries. 

Need to keep to a specific schedule? Here's what you can do:

1) Bump your delivery date earlier. Planning to receive the cake a week or so prior to when you really need it allows flexibility in delivery. Once the cake arrives, you can pop it in the refrigerator or freezer to extend the freshness date. More on that here!

2) Upgrade your order to USPS Priority Mail Shipping. While this option typically ships faster than their Package Service, it still is experiencing some delays. 

3) Upgrade to our *Delivery Date Guaranteed* Service. This is the only way to know for sure that your package will arrive on or before the day you've selected. In current conditions, USPS Priority Mail Express, and UPS Air Services are the only couriers offering a delivery date guarantee. We charge $25 for this upgrade, compared to the usual cost of $25 - $40. If your package does not arrive on time, we will gladly refund your entire order cost, including the shipping.