How it all started...with a little spotted dog.

How it all started...with a little spotted dog.

I was a "cat person" for the longest. From the time I was 5, I begged my parents for kitties. I finally got them, a pair: Toupe' + Tuxie when I was 11. I loved them. They were everything I thought they would be. They stayed with my parents when I moved out as a young adult, and unfortunately, the week before my wedding I lost my beloved Toupe'.  

Well guys. I married a Dog Person. A wonderful, fabulous, kind hearted, generous Dog Person. We knew we wanted a pet, and (bless him) everytime we saw a dachshund, Mr. Mello would point and chuckle. If there's anything we all need, it's more laughter in our lives, so I decided to surprise him for his birthday (which is right around Christmas) with a puppy.  But not just any puppy. I scoured through photos and decided that if I was going to have a dog, the only dog for me would be a female, black and tan, long-haired, dapple dachshund. And her name would be Havarti. Whew! 

I can't stand it. So many spots.

On the day we went to pick her up, I was handed this little plump soft peanut, with big eyes, a shiny black nose...and a crooked tail. Mr. Mello and the breeder talked about vaccinations, and feeding and all manner of important things, while I... well I was suddenly deaf. And mute. My eyes glazed over and I was struck down with pure puppy love. In that moment, I understood why dog's are "man's best friend." 

That was 6 years ago, and was just the beginning of how one little spotted snoot changed our lives!


Jennifer Mello

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