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Sugar Skull Halloween Dog treats by Spotted Dog Bakery

Keeping your Dog safe (and Happy!) this Halloween

Happy Fall Y'all! It's that time of year...the air feels crisp and cool, and we all rush to stores for boots, scarves, sweaters, PSL's....and candy. And COSTUMES. 

Lots of dog owners like to include their pups in the Halloween fun, and there are so many costumes/accessories made just for dogs! You can find some of our favorites at Buster's Party Shop and Michael's. Just keep in mind the comfort of your dog, and make sure they don't feel too restricted or nervous. If your dog puts it's head down and refuses to move while wearing their costume, it's best to scrap the idea and just let them go au natural! 

Now. When it comes to candy, it's VERY IMPORTANT to remember that it's toxic for dogs to eat chocolate! As a matter of fact, all candy is a no go for dogs, based on the amount of sugar. Please don't feed your dog candy on Halloween or any other day of the year. If you want your dog to participate in the Trick-or-Treat fun, plan ahead! Have dog safe treats on hand, and maybe spoil them with something extra special for the day, like our Sugar Skull + Boo Bone Set, PSL + Donut or even a special Mummy Cake. All Treats, no tricks! 


Now your furry friend will be healthy and safe on Halloween, and you can enjoy the holiday, knowing that they got to have some fun too!

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