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How Not to Celebrate A Dog’s Birthday

How Not to Celebrate A Dog’s Birthday

We love our furry friends, and because we consider them our family members, we want to celebrate them just like we do everyone else. Your dog’s birthday is definitely the perfect time to make them feel extra special. But buying the perfect puppy cake from the internet’s best rated dog bakery might not be the only thing they want. Consider the other ways you can create the perfect day for your pooch.


We’ve polled our closest furry friends and the votes are in – yes! They love treats and toys and would never turn down a dog cake, but what they’d really love is to spend as much time as possible with you. Turns out the best birthday gifts for dogs don’t have to cost much. We’ve put together our best do’s and don’ts so you can make the day one they’ll really love.


  • Do spend more time than money.

The years go fast, and even faster for our fur babies. Whether you stay in or go out adventuring, your pup will appreciate all the time spent right by your side. Cuddle up on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows, roll around on the floor and play a game of tug-o-war, or sit outside and enjoy the sun. Just let them enjoy their favorite place: being right next to you.


  • Don’t stress about expensive gifts.

Dogs can’t read price tags, and sometimes, a waterlogged stick is better than a costly toy. Whether you’re buying them a new squeaky ball or cuddly stuffed companion, don’t think you have to spend tons of money. Just getting one new toy to add to their collection will be exciting for them!


  • Do plan an activity your pup loves doing.

Most dogs love being outdoors, so plan to spend some time in the sunshine. Throw the ball in the backyard, bring them for an extra-long walk or head out to the dog park. If they’re used to the great outdoors, try and do something a little different. Find a new walking trail with lots of fresh scents to sniff, bring them to a place they can swim, or visit a park you’ve never been to with lots of new pup friends to play with.


  • Don’t do it all on your own.

Did you know there are doggie experts out there who live for this? They’re here to make sure your pup’s birthday is "pawwwwfect". (And one that’s Instagram worthy.) Get some inspiration from them and some help to give your fur-baby their best day yet. A few of our favorites:

Puppy Parties NYC

Coda Party Planning

The Bark Day Planner


  • Do be picky with your pup-vites.

It’s important to make sure your pup is #1 today, and let’s face it, dogs can get jealous pretty quickly. Make sure to invite company they’ll love to have around, like their closest pals who they enjoy playing and hanging with. And be sure you have doggie bags full of goodies to send them all home with.


  • Don’t stick to the same daily routine.

Change the rules for just one day. They’ll know it isn’t normal, and they’ll love every second of it when they get to do something or have something they normally aren’t allowed. Let them curl up on the couch, give them a spot in your bed to snuggle with you or let them enjoy an extra treat. You know what they always ask for, and now’s the chance to give it to them.


  • Do make extra special memories. 

Maybe now’s the perfect time to plan a getaway with your pup. Nowadays, it’s easy to find places that welcome dogs. With countless Air BNB’s and many fur-friendly hotels, you can plan a getaway without having to find a pet-sitter. And a vacation with your fur-baby is the best kind! Check out dog-friendly towns offering breweries and restaurants that welcome pups, and take yours to celebrate their special day in a cool place neither of you have ever been!


  • Don’t forget the dessert.

Because, duh, everyone deserves cake on their birthday. (Especially the most loyal and most loving one in the house.) And we’re ready to make it for your fur-baby. We go for what dog’s love, using favorite flavors and fresh ingredients to make our dog birthday cakes. And with dog-friendly “frosting” and fruits and vegetables as our base, you can feel good about feeding them these treats. (Not to mention, they make for a pretty great picture opp!)


  • Do take the chance to be extra.

Because YDOLO. (Your dog only lives once.) And let’s be honest, you’re obsessed with them. You’re here to give them the greatest life ever, celebrating and sharing their cuteness with whoever will look. And we’re here to help. We’ve searched high and low and have found the perfect place to get party favors for your pup. From birthday hats to adorable bows and unique bandanas – whether you celebrate big or small, you’ll have amazing photos and memories to look back on forever! 


Just remember, don’t stress. It’s pretty hard to disappoint your pup because you know what they love and you know what would make their perfect day. So, no matter what you do, just know that your dog will love being the center of your attention and enjoy every moment getting to hang out with their best friend!

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