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Life is what you bake it.

Do you know what's *more fun* than raising a puppy? Raising a doxie (stubborn) puppy while working full time and going to school. 

But! It turns out that while I was falling in love with my sweet little (did I mention stubborn?) pup, I was also diving headfirst into what would be another major love in my life. Baking & Pastry. I'm there in the front row, far left. I had NO earthly idea the adventures that would unfold over the next 5 years. I attended Valencia College in Orlando, FL, and just prior to completing the program, Mr. Mello received a job opportunity in Nashville, TN and we just had to leap. We'd been dreaming of Tennessee for years and this was our chance! 

A few short months after moving, I started work as a baker at The Frothy Monkey, a beloved Nashville Coffeehouse. Early mornings, flour, sugar, and butter, oh my! As my career with Frothy progressed, we grew a stand alone bakery with it's own retail store front in East Nashville. I wasn't baking as much at that point, but found I really enjoyed building relationships with our regulars...and their dogs. I started to realize that the highlight of my day running a bakery was petting dogs! Naturally the next thought that followed was "why not bake for dogs?"


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