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dog birthday party

Puppies + Cookies = ?

So I love dogs. And apparently doxies are like potato chips because me and the Mr. have THREE now. We're pretty passionate about making their lives as happy and healthy as possible. They have stairs to get into bed, play fetch, snuggle, and get plenty of veggie snacks because we want them to live as long as possible. But I'm also a baker... so when it's birthday time, gotcha day, or some other special occasion (what? you know your dog got a special meal on Thanksgiving!) we want to be able to give our dog something special that keeps them on that longevity track. 

That lead us to tweak some recipes to make them dog friendly...take out the sugar, add some veggies and fruits, good healthy fats for a shiny coat, and voila! We threw a party, and Spotted Dog Bakery was born. 


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